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Tioman Island boasts some of the most diverse and healthy coral in peninuslar Malaysia. With more than 15 dive sites located on the west of the island, and a huge variety of fish, from big to small, Tioman Island is a great place to learn to dive or continue your adventure.


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Getting here

The Gateway to Tioman island is the Jetty at Mersing or the Jetty at Tanjung Gemok. While Mersing is a little easier to get to, the ferry schedules are affected by the tide and are not always at the most convenient time. See below for ferry schedules.

The ferry can take 2-3 hours depending where it stops first​, it may go straight to Salang, or start at Genting and work its way up. There is no way to know before hand!

The Cataferry is a lot more comfortable and takes an average 1.5hours to reach Salang.

We can help you to book the ferry tickets. 

Tickets are 70rm return, + 30rm for marine park fees. The cataferry varies in price, to check the price visit

March ferry schedule Tioman - Mersing 

March ferry schedule Tioman - TG.Gemok

Cataferry Tg.Gemok

Getting to Mersing :

Driving will take you around 4.5 hours from KL, 5-6 hours by bus. From Singapore you can take a direct bus to the jetty, 3.5 hours.

There are a lot of parking facilities close to the jetty.

Buses are direct from KL and leave from TBS (terminal Bersepadu Selatan). You can book via

From Singapore you can book a direct bus, or change at Johor Baru.

Getting to Tg. Gemok

From Mersing you can take a taxi which will cost RM60

From Kuala Lumpur and Singapore you can get a direct bus.

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