Fun Dives

RM380/day (2dives, includes all equipment and lunch)

Not all islands are good for diving, and although Langkawi has 99 islands, only a select few are good for diving. That is why we dive at Pulau Payar's marine park

Pulau Payar is located 30km south of Langkawi (1hour boat ride)

Pulau Payar offers shallow dives for beginners and deeper dives for advanced divers, soft coral gardens and hard coral reefs.

Not to be missed are the wrecks in this area. Marine patrol boat, the sunken boats off of Kaca island, and the wreck off of Pulau Lembu are just some of the great wrecks to be explored.

Your Day

8.30am Pick Up (Some resorts may incur a surcharge)

9am Arrive at Kuah Jetty

9.30am Depart to Pulau Payar

10.30am Arrive at Pulau Payar

Dive 1

Lunch (included)

Dive 2

3pm Depart Pulau Payar

4pm Arrive Jetty Kuah & transfer to your hotel

All times are subject to change

Seahorse, large groupers, barracuda, pompanos can be found at this beautiful dive site. Named for its garden of soft corals, the dive site ranges from 4m to 20m+, can sometimes experience strong currents and visibility ranges from 5m - 15m depending on the season.

Coral Garden

Sunk by the Marine department for the purpose of diving, the wreck lies between 18m - 30m+ .Attracting barracudas, large groupers, seahorse as well as other large shoals of fish this dive site definitely has a lot of life. The dive site can be done together with Coral Garden if the visibility allows.

Marine Patrol Boat Wreck

Hard Coral reef where if you are lucky you may spot black tip reef sharks swimming in the shallows. If not you will for sure see Nemo. A beautiful reef and a relatively easy dive. The reef slopes from the island down to around 15m  before reaching sand which continues deeper.

Japanese Garden

Huge boulder corals can be found just in front of the beach on the house reef. A nice easy dive, ideal for beginners with the coral at a maximum depth of 12m. 

House Reef
The dive sites

Not famous for sharks, but for its variety of coral and shoals of fish. Can be done as a drift dive if you catch the tide at the right time. The west reaches a maximum depth of 12m where the coral meets the sand, heading to the south where you can reach 18m+.

Shark Point

A series of wrecks scattered on a sandy bottom. The wooden wrecks are very broken apart but still possible to see the structure. Also close by is an artificial reef of boat engines and another made of car tyres. Located on the East side of Kaca island the artificial reefs start at 11m and continues down to 20m.

Sunken Boat

West of Pulau Lembu is Lembu rocks. A rocky out crop that that gets up to 25m deep and where larger fish can be found. Schools of african pompanos and barracudas can be seen. Amongst the rocks and reef lay large jenkin rays. 

Lembu Rocks

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