Advanced Open Water

Designed to make you a better diver by increasing your diving hours in different situations.

The advanced course consists of 5 dives, 2 which are compulsory – Deep Dive (Between 18m and 30m) and Navigation. The remaining 3 you will decide with your instructor, focusing on your strengths, weaknesses and interests.

For example if you have finished your Open Water course feeling your buoyancy could have been better than take advantage of the Peak Performance Buoyancy adventure dive. If you've always wanted to see the difference between night and day then join us on a night adventure dive.

With more than 15 adventure dives to choose from we'll make sure you come out of the advanced course a more confident diver.

Prerequirements : Open Water Course, 12 years old

Course Duration: 2 days

Maximum Depth: 30m

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